Sammy // Lifestyle Shoot

Last Friday, I met up with Sammy and we took a trip to the Garfield Conservatory. I really wish I could come here more often because looking at plants and walking around is quite therapeutic and totally rad. Who doesn't love a giant sauna thing filled with exotic plants?

Sammy is a fierce little lady I met through a Cappella this year and I am so happy we have become good friends. She's got a killer voice, a gorgeous smile, and we share a love (maybe slight obsession) for the one and only Beyoncé. Sammy even touched her (Beyoncé) four times when she came to Chicago back in May. Totally jealous.

Sammy has the rad job of being a personal shopper/stylist at Topshop and you can hit her up when you're in the store if you want an amazing personalized shopping experience. She's also just graduated so CONGRATS. You are now officially an ADULT!

Check it out!